The Reykjavik Briefing
Distributed Infrastucture, Disaster Relief and Hexayurts

The Reykjavik Briefing is an hour-long presentation on the history of disaster relief, the problems funding innovation in a humanitarian context, human survival modeling, disaster economics, distributed infrastructure design and finally the goal state of overhauling the way shelter and essential services are provided in some kinds of disasters.

Six Ways To Die

Six Ways to Die is a five minute clip from the middle of the video which explains some basic concepts about how infrastructure works in normal life and disaster. If you're interested in social resilience, crisis response and similar situations this video is a good, quick introduction to some useful new ideas.

Open your browser very wide to see the video and the accompanying graphic side-by-side.

PDF file of the diagram is here.
Additional supporting materials

The Full Briefing

One hour of the good stuff.

If you would like the high quality footage, please download this quicktime file (700 mb, 1 hour.)


To you for taking the time to watch these briefings.

Thanks to Ananda Marga Iceland for making the connection with the AMURT Haiti relief group and to Aura Capital Partners for hosting and participating.

The Hexayurt Project has additional information on the shelters and infrastructure approach, and please feel free to contact us. You can see video of the commercial folding hexayurt prototype at Progressive Building Solutions, who have supported the project this year.

The jacket is from DEAD and is worn to remind people that death is our business.