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Monbiot is curious.

  1. GeorgeMonbiot
    Its continued funding of #Trident makes a mockery of govt's claims that extreme austerity is essential. Pure waste.
  2. leashless
    Because, @GeorgeMonbiot, you trust the French to defend us from the Russians?!? Or you were leaving that to the Americans? Woefully naive.
  3. GeorgeMonbiot
    @leashless Another thing that makes me wonder what u were doing at #DarkMountain festival. Pentagon consultant, reporting on protest groups
  4. GeorgeMonbiot
    @leashless ... and Trident enthusiast. @paulkingsnorth - is this guy really an ally of yours?
  5. inflector
    @GeorgeMonbiot Talking out you ass about someone you don't know, makes *you* the idiot. Stupid is as stupid does. @leashless is good people.
  6. WillowClough
    @inflector @GeorgeMonbiot @leashless FYI George Monbiot is definitely 'good people'. High ethical standards & great campaigning journalist
  7. leashless
    .@GeorgeMonbiot George, I believe in whole-of-society solutions: we need just use of force (enforcement) just as much as we need good law.
  8. GeorgeMonbiot
    . @leashless which explains your work for the Pentagon?
  9. leashless
    .@GeorgeMonbiot You've done an alright job at rabble rousing over the years, and made some strong cases, but I'm not seeing doable solutions
  10. leashless
    .@GeorgeMonbiot I said the same think at Dark Mountain and the Pentagon and
  11. leashless
    .@GeorgeMonbiot George, take a look at my Pentagon work. Started with and
  12. leashless
    And, @GeorgeMonbiot I'll note that you did not reply to my position on Trident, but switched to personal attack and impugning my reputation.
  13. GeorgeMonbiot
    . @leashless My concern about what you're up to long pre-dates your tweet about Trident. Pentagon consultant, reporting on protest groups.
  14. whvholst
    @GeorgeMonbiot @leashless So you have to be a member of the Leftist Church to participate in Dark Mountain? I should have been told before.
  15. smarimc
    @whvholst @GeorgeMonbiot @leashless I should also have been informed of this. I was under the impression @DarkMtn was about surviving.
  16. leashless
    .@GeorgeMonbiot A realistic model of nuclear politics is necessary to imagine any global equilibrium on climate. Start your brain, Sir!
  17. ciphergoth
    @GeorgeMonbiot Got to say, I think @leashless is a bit of a nut (love you Vinay!) but a spy for the Pentagon I can't quite buy.
  18. leashless
    .@GeorgeMonbiot My work is respected in a lot of places, from Greek anarchist enclaves through to the corridors of power. I pick no sides.
  19. shloky
    LOL. @GeorgeMonbiot thinks @leashless is some sort of secret squirrel spymaster for yelling at DoD to use clean energy a decade ago.
  20. GeorgeMonbiot
    @ciphergoth @leashless Billed at DarkMountain as consulting the Pentagon about protest groups. He didn't dispute the billing.
  21. leashless
    .@GeorgeMonbiot @dougald Hrm. I've never worked on social issues for the State, outside of Council of Europe @edgeryders
  22. ciphergoth
    @GeorgeMonbiot Could you quote the exact text of the billing for @leashless? Can't find that online anywhere, sounds... surprising.
  23. dougald
    @GeorgeMonbiot @ciphergoth @leashless I can categorically say that was not how Vinay was billed.
  24. leashless
    .@GeorgeMonbiot @dougald George, a recording of what? My talk at DM? How I was introduced before I talked? Something in the Q&A?
  25. dougald
    @GeorgeMonbiot @ciphergoth @leashless I'll do my best to track it down. I hope you'll consider possibility that you misheard/misremembered.
  26. dougald
    @GeorgeMonbiot @ciphergoth @leashless To be clear, when is it you think this was said? When @leashless was introduced as a speaker?
  27. dvdmckay
    @dougald @GeorgeMonbiot @ciphergoth Yeah I don't remember @leashless billed as such either. Not very undercover tactics if he was a spy!
  28. GeorgeMonbiot
    @dougald @ciphergoth @leashless Will certainly consider possibility. It was in the intro to him on stage. I responded with shock at time.
  29. dougald
    @GeorgeMonbiot @ciphergoth @leashless Will do everything I can to track the recording down, as it's a very serious allegation you're making.
  30. dougald
    Specifically, I need recording of the *introduction* to @leashless talk from #Unciv 2010. For context, see recent exchange w @georgemonbiot
  31. GeorgeMonbiot
    @dougald @ciphergoth @leashless I'm not suggesting he's a spy, but that I had doubts about which side he was on.
  32. ciphergoth
    @dougald @GeorgeMonbiot Even if that is on the recording, surely not said in seriousness "This is @leashless, who btw is spying on you all"
  33. GeorgeMonbiot
    @ciphergoth @dougald @leashless Not in the least. But you can understand my concern, no?
  34. leashless
    .@GeorgeMonbiot @dougald As noted, I don't remember a dodgy introduction and if one was made it's inaccurate. A misapprehension has occurred
  35. smarimc
    @GeorgeMonbiot @dougald @ciphergoth it's not that @leashless has such a role so much as he likes to keep people guessing what his role is...
  36. dougald
    @GeorgeMonbiot @ciphergoth @leashless You are suggesting he reports on protest groups to the Pentagon, though, right? (Or that we said this)
  37. leashless
    .@GeorgeMonbiot For the record, I'm considered *astonishingly* dubious by the Security Establishment because I know @smarimc and others.
  38. leashless
    .@GeorgeMonbiot And while I might be a threat to what you stand for (nuclear? I was at RMI. Proliferation?) the State doesn't give a shit.
  39. dougald
    @GeorgeMonbiot @ciphergoth I fully understand that @leashless presents an odd position, esp for those of us with background in us v them...
  40. dougald
    @GeorgeMonbiot @ciphergoth @leashless ...oppositional politics. I don't agree with all his positions. Not even sure he does! But I do find..
  41. dougald
    @GeorgeMonbiot @ciphergoth @leashless ...a substantial degree of intellectual consistency in his explanation of his position.
  42. leashless
    .@GeorgeMonbiot Nobody has ever asked me what I thought about revolutionary groups, or my friends. I do global analysis, not petty spying.
  43. GeorgeMonbiot
    @dougald @ciphergoth @leashless The way I remember it, it was about consulting Pentagon on protest groups.
  44. dougald
    @GeorgeMonbiot @ciphergoth @leashless Can you remember whether it was @paulkingsnorth or me giving the introduction?
  45. steel_weaver
    Finding it difficult to observe interaction between @GeorgeMonbiot, @dougald, @leashless & @smarimc without shouting "Avengers Assemble!"
  46. artistsmakers
    @dougald @leashless Blimey... you two, keep fighting the good fight, alright?
  47. dougald
    @artistsmakers TBH @leashless is big enough to look after himself, but I object to idea we'd give platform to someone who spied on protestrs
  48. leashless
    .@GeorgeMonbiot I think the United States Energy Security Council which is Pentagon and CIA is our best hope
  49. GreenerSky1
    @leashless @GeorgeMonbiot As was clearly seen when they annexed Iraq thus securing more oil.
  50. leashless
    .@GeorgeMonbiot They're a far more credible power group to deliver a global climate stabilization agenda than the UN and similar bodies.
  51. Ne0Tesla
    @leashless @GeorgeMonbiot There is not a word on climate stabilization (as you call it) on their website.
  52. leashless
    .@GeorgeMonbiot so your idea that there are two sides here, a "right" side (protesters) and a "wrong" side (military) is unrealistic.
  53. leashless
    .@GeorgeMonbiot The Rocky Mountain Institute approach, "transideological consensus" has always included working with security interests.
  54. leashless
    And, to be fair, @GeorgeMonbiot, the politics of being pro nuclear-power are not unlike being realistic about military balance of power.
  55. leashless
    .@GeorgeMonbiot nobody likes nuclear reactors, nuclear bombs or soldiers as a solution to our problems, regardless of who runs them.
  56. davidsteven
    Unpleasant seeing @GeorgeMonbiot directing 'Pentagon informer' accusations at @leashless - (here's an e.g. of his work
  57. davidsteven
    For a more rational response to the 'who on earth is @leashless?' question than @GeorgeMonbiot 's: (by @dougald)
  58. Gelada
    @davidsteven Can one really have a "rational" answer to "who on earth is @leashless"? All that make sense to me are intriguingly irrational.
  59. leashless
    The analysis which lead me to an acceptance of the morality of working for the Pentagon was probably like yours on nuke power @GeorgeMonbiot
  60. leashless
    .@GeorgeMonbiot It is not easy to cross the line and give the devil his due, and I think you're wrong on nuclear power. Opinions differ.
  61. appliedhistory
    @GeorgeMonbiot @leashless Alright, lads, lets settle this like gentlemen: Epic Rap Battle.
  62. leashless
    Anyway, @GeorgeMonbiot I can accept that you misheard or misunderstood how I was introduced at Dark Mountain. This creates an issue.
  63. leashless
    .@GeorgeMonbiot Your accusation that I'm an informant for the secret police turns my access to machinery of power from strength to weakness
  64. leashless
    .@GeorgeMonbiot and, of course, once such accusations are made, there's no way to get away from them. So let me say, publicly, this.
  65. leashless
    .@GeorgeMonbiot I've worked in a policy capacity wherever I had the opportunity, to take Gandhi's vision _everywhere_. I act with integrity.
  66. leashless
    .@GeorgeMonbiot and I'll be sad to see, in future years, people doubt me and my work because you misheard something at Dark Mountain in 2010
  67. leashless
    .@GeorgeMonbiot Your misunderstanding could have been cleared up in 5 minutes for three years, and you chose to carry that paranoia silently
  68. leashless
    .@GeorgeMonbiot I have worked wherever there was a chance to effect real change. I've mostly done it for free, even for US DOD. Volunteered.
  69. leashless
    .@GeorgeMonbiot and some of those people (some) are among the finest human beings I've ever had the privilege to know and work alongside of
  70. leashless
    .@GeorgeMonbiot A "progressive or positive force" looks very different in uniform to carrying a black flag: progressives are everywhere.
  71. leashless
    .@GeorgeMonbiot I understand you walked across the aisle on nuclear power. I did it on military affairs. Realist solidarity is an option.
  72. leashless
    .@GeorgeMonbiot I understand the kind of situations which produce this kind of paranoia, and I'm sure that people have it about you too.
  73. leashless
    .@GeorgeMonbiot were you bought by the nuclear industry? No, you looked at the data and took an unpopular stance. As did I. Nobody likes it.

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