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Truth and Beauty - The Future We Deserve

Three talks Vinay Gupta gave at Hub Westminster in the Truth and Beauty event series, in support of The Future We Deserve, my new book. These talks get to the bottom of our global plight, and point a new way forwards.
  1. Future Now - how many tigers are left, and what does it mean?
  2. Why Won't Somebody Act - what is the Goat Rodeo, and why has it eaten goverment?
  3. Heuristics for History - if we're screwed, and government can't save us, what the hell good is One Big Wiki going to do?
There are excellent written summaries of each talk from Eithin, linked beside the slides for each talk. We have audio of the first talk, and video of the others. Audio quality is excellent, if occasionally a little quiet, throughout.
Vinay Gupta

(Technical note: audio and video on this page is set up using HTML5+OGG. Firefox and Chrome handle this correctly. If you have to download the .ogg files to view/listen, use VLC. All tools are cross-platform and FOSS.)

1. Future Now

Slides PDF Eithin's summary
Download: MP3 150mb OGG 150mb

2. Why Won't Somebody Act

Slides PDF Eithin's summary Goat Rodeo one pager
Download: OGG 160mb MOV 1.9gb (camera)

3. Heuristics for History

Slides PDF Eithin's summary
Download: OGG 300mb MOV 2.6gb (camera)