Mother of Hydrogen

a novel about war, magick, and America

MoH is 60,000 words, written in six days during NaNoWriMo. NaNoWriWk! I slept some days, not others. That's 7WPM for six days. On the seventh day I rested. I don't know how I did this, but I used EMACS.

I'd intended MoH to be a young adult novel, the same general genre as the Hunger Games. What came is "The Catcher in the Rye meets Starship Troopers meets Steppenwolf." This last aspect surprised me, and may be due to lack of sleep, but it is beautiful. It is basically utopian.

I hope to polish the book and find a publisher. Please help me if you can. The six day draft is available in the following forms.

Edmund Harriss (he's in the book!) PDF edition Thanks @gelada
LaTex, easy to read.

/dev/urandom Portrait PDF edition Thanks @_dev_urandom
Made by a script which processes my text into LaTex. Awesome.

Dave Crossland's 3 Column Landscape PDF edition Thanks @davelab6
Great for printing

Original text file edition Wrapped text .txt or Long lines .txt

43 meg zipfile of my working directory, every 5 mins for much of the writing
Note the SD card I was saving to went sproink at some point,
leaving some mutant directories.
Vinay Gupta

I listened to this Lana Del Rey track on loop
for about half of the six day writing process.

Mother of hydrogen, thou art the void, the interstellar interstitial
infinities are the expanses of your body. Holy are your ways,
unimagined, unknown and unseen.

I love your ways, the curvature of your spaces, and the whipping
around of the elements in your stellar furnaces into atoms, plants and
people. There are no other things.

I wish to remind you of your promise to us: that if we love one
another, you will love all of us, making no distinction between any
who love any, for love is the law, love under will.

I salute you, who in your kindness made a Sun for the day, and many
Suns for the night, and for the future, when our Star tires, and our
children wish to find new homes.

If we find favour with you, by respecting your creations and ways,
perhaps you will allow us to continue our evolutions and prosper among
the infinity of your bosoms. We love all.